Andreas Bamberger
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Universität Freiburg
Fakultät für Physik
Hermann-Herder-Str. 3
D-79104 Freiburg

Gustav - Mie - Gebäude
Eingang Sautierstrasse
Zimmer 03 023

Büro+49 761 203-5714
Sekretäriat+49 761 203-5715
Fax+49 761 203-5931
zuhause+49 761 85140

Fields of activity beyond particle physics (perturbative QCD)
1.) Time Projection Chamber (Prototype) for the International Linear Collider using the TIMEPIX Chip cont.
2.) Imaging Time-of-flight Mass Spectrometry with the TIMEPIX Chip

Digital Imaging Mass Spectrometry (DIMS):
Investigation of DIMS with the TimePix: Poster at the HUPO August 16. - 20., 2008 "DIGITAL IMAGING MASS SPECTROMETRY"
Publication: C. Bamberger, U. Renz and A. Bamberger, "Digital Imaging Mass Spectrometry", JASMS(2011)22:1079-1087

Acoustic Fluid Dynamic/Musical Acoustics:

Konferenzbeitrag FORUM2002 in Sevilla: "Investigation and recent results on flutes with PIV", Vortrag
Konferenzbeitrag ICA2004, Kyoto: Vortex sound of flutes observed with Particle Image Velocimetry , Invited talk
Konferenzbeitrag ISMA2004, Nara: Operation of flutes at low pitch investigated with PIV

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